Salesforce – The Ideal CRM Solution for Small Businesses

Starting and nurturing a small business is not the easiest of tasks. Small business owners need to focus on boosting sales all the time without losing track of their current customers, in addition to having to attend to a whole host of technology, human resources, and financial issues. The key to successful marketing and sales is to have a systemized and efficient way of collecting sales leads, converting them and ensuring they remain loyal to the company.

Mobile CRM

Little business applications and the portable client experience will keep on growing and advance. Grasping this little business portable applications like Phonedeck will probably help you to get the perceivability you’ll have to maintain for your little business, as well as advance beyond the opposition.

Salesforce allows special privileges to mobile CRM apps to opt best solution for a small business. Phonedeck is a platform which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CRM Apps and its mobile working support for small businesses.

The Benefit of a CRM Package

The objective of choosing a CRM package is that it should ideally offer everything that is necessary to close sales quickly and easily, while providing all the tools required to stay organized, monitor activities, and offer the right perceptions that make decision-making more informed. The best CRM packages feature a high level of automation so that business managers are freed from the responsibility of micro-managing and can spend more time making the business grow and boost sales. It is because Salesforce manages to tick almost all the boxes that it has today emerged as the bestselling CRM solution.

How Does Salesforce Score?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solutions package that is ideal for all business types and sizes. Small businesses have managed to grow their sales and manage customer relationships superbly with Salesforce Small Business Solutions. It is an all-in-one package that offers features that enable small businesses locate and retain customers, close sales, and manage business growth. The user-friendly integrated CRM platform has advanced features such as lead generation, contact management, opportunity management, workflow automation, sales forecasting, collaboration tools and more. Being cloud-based, small business owners have the flexibility of accessing and managing their data at their convenience from a variety of Internet-connected devices, including smartphones. Enhanced social media capability is also where Salesforce scores heavily when compared to other CRM solutions.


One of the main reasons why Salesforce has met with such a huge success with businesses is because it is extremely simple to use. The product features an interface that is simple, easily navigable and without a steep learning curve. When a user logs in, he is greeted by the dashboard that makes available a large assortment of report widgets that offer a bird’s-eye view of the various performance parameters of the business. Sales representatives can view data about their customers on a real-time basis. It is possible to perform dashboard customization to a great degree to suit your preferences. Everything from sales targets, quotas, key opportunities, team summaries, sales figures, leaderboards and other types of data can be displayed.

Easy Navigation and Organization

Navigating through the options of Salesforce is a dream with a simple navigation tool placed strategically on the top of the window. Each tab is divided into different categories like Home, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Campaigns, Forecasts, etc. making it very easy to quickly go to the category required, without having to hunt around. All the tabs can also be reorganized and new ones even added to cater to user preferences. Each of the tabs is very well organized with all data being displayed in a list containing links to contacts, leads, accounts, campaigns, etc. There’s even a Shortcut widget and a widget for recent items that make returning to item recently-opened very quick and convenient.

Endless Possibilities for Functionality Expansion

Of the largest advantages for small business owners when using Salesforce is that the solutions package offers almost limitless opportunities for expanding its range of core functions. Users can get the most out of the advanced features of the software, so that it can cater to the special needs of the business by means of a large number of integrations developed by third parties. Using the Salesforce AppExchange, users can access and use hundreds of integrations that allow you fuller control over the sales process in your small business.

About the author: Jenny Richards works with a prominent Salesforce integration app developer and has acquired substantial experience of validating Salesforce test data. Click here to know more about her.


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Published on September 1, 2015
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