Endocode joins OpenChain

As of today, Endocode joins the community of OpenChain conformant organisations. Being Open Source license compliant is a hygiene factor that everybody who uses Open Source technologies needs to constantly maintain. It is one aspect of being a good citizen of the Open Source world. However, maintaining compliance throughout the supply chain of a complex product that may include incoming external contributions is not trivial.

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The OpenChain project aims at making Open Source license compliance simpler and more consistent. This effort will assist hardware and software vendors in managing their Open Source supply chain and drive the adoption of Open Source technologies. Endocode wholeheartedly supports this mission.

Contributors to Open Source are primarily interested in collaboratively creating cutting edge technology. License compliance should be a given so that it does not pose a roadblock to this motivation. This works best the bigger the community gets. OpenChain itself is a project under the auspices of the the Linux Foundation, where the industry gets together to build Open Source. To cover the full picture, Endocode also works with the Free Software Foundation Europe which gives a voice to the software freedom interests of volunteer contributors and society as a whole.

Endocode implements the policies and steps required to manage it’s own Open Source contributions, but it can also help your business with maintaining and auditing Open Source compliance. We offer briefings for IP and legal on best practises, guidance for product owners and help with creating contribution policies for your Open Source developers. Ask us anything!

Published on July 27, 2017
Copyright: Endocode AG
Original Blogpost: https://endocode.com/blog/2017/07/27/2017-07-27-endocode-joins-openchain/

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